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Ten Reasons Why People Choose Customized Language Coaching

By Judy West, Principal
English That Works, Inc.

Individualized coaching is often the best option for individuals wishing to invest in professional development but whose schedule does not permit attendance at group training, whose language needs warrant special attention, or whose communication skills play a major role in their job performance.

One-on-one coaching supports participants in their efforts to improve their intelligibility, confidence, and cultural appropriateness. Assessments and oral interviews help customize the sessions to the needs of each individual and focus on skills critical for job success.

Those who choose coaching often cite the following reasons:

  1. To gain the skills needed to communicate clearly and confidently in English so they can present themselves and their ideas effectively.
  2. To enhance their professional visibility and credibility and to convey an expert image with internal and external clients.
  3. To communicate more assertively in order to improve business and interpersonal relationships.
  4. To increase contributions and participate more effectively on work teams and in meetings.
  5. To capably perform the increasingly demanding oral and written communicative tasks required for competent job performance and leadership.
  6. To improve their American English speech and pronunciation.
  7. To successfully deliver professional presentations to American audiences.
  8. To heighten understanding and usage of crucial American business vocabulary.
  9. To meet performance objectives.
  10. To increase self-confidence and cross cultural awareness.

Those who choose coaching over group training benefit from the following:

Custom-designed language training - Language sessions are not pre-packaged. Each session is designed to meet the unique needs and work situation of each individual.

Exclusive time with an experienced language trainer - The coaching participant gets all the attention and feedback focused on the skills needed for his/her performance.

Low risk atmosphere - As the only participant, one can try out new skills and discuss workplace challenges in a relaxed, comfortable environment.

Flexibility - Appointment times and places fit individual schedules.

Time spent wisely in language training - Each participant proceeds at their own pace, focusing on needed skills and not spending time practicing or re-learning things they already know well. They can address workplace communication issues as they arise.

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