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A senior manager from China needed clearer pronunciation in order to be understood appropriately by her native speaking staff. The most pressing oral language issue was her use of volume to emphasize the important words in her speech. Without using the change in pitch we associate with emphasis, her speech sounded abrupt, disinterested, and angry. This often gave the wrong impression to management, colleagues, and staff.

Customized Solution: English That Works designed and delivered a 30 hour program that had a major impact on her oral communication. The use of pitch, attention to rate and volume, and more accurate pronunciation of key terms now enable her to get her message across more accurately and effectively with greater understanding of her intent.

A software consultant from India needed to develop the skills necessary to lead a whiteboard architecture discussion for groups of technical and non-technical individuals. The purpose of the presentation was to convey an expert image and provide information as fluently, clearly, directly, and convincingly as possible.

Customized Solution: Through a 16 hour program targeting clarity and effectiveness in pronunciation and presentations, the consultant now speaks at a slower rate, uses more pauses, and employs emphasis, so listeners understand the importance of key terms and concepts. He has gained the skills to plan a persuasive consulting presentation from a strong opening to a succinct, direct conclusion and is adept at handling the question and answer period. His improved speech patterns and awareness now support a clear, focused oral message.

A help desk computer analyst from Nigeria with extensive experience and expertise was told by his supervisor that internal clients found his English pronunciation difficult to understand. They often asked to be directed to another analyst to assist them with their computer related problems.

Customized Solution: English That Works designed a pronunciation program to increase his ability to clearly convey his suggestions and solutions to help desk callers. His training focused on stress and intonation, ways of asking for clarification, and the specific sounds and words that caused misunderstanding. As a result of his diligence in learning and applying these skills to his speech, callers began requesting that he be the one to assist them. His ability to provide a valuable service was no longer compromised by his speech patterns and pronunciation. His expertise as a problem solver became the focus.