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For Employers in Multicultural Organizations:

English That Works specializes in language and communication assessment, training, and coaching that address the unique needs of companies with a multinational workforce.

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For Individuals who Speak English as Their Second language (ESL):

English That Works training and coaching programs help you strengthen your speaking, writing, and cultural awareness skills. We motivate you to use these skills to achieve a better fit in your company or organization. This leads to meeting performance objectives, participating more productively, communicating more assertively, and enhancing your professional visibility and credibility.

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Demonstrated Results

Client company representatives and participants consistently report the following positive results from training and coaching provided by English That Works:

  • Clearer, more focused oral and written communication
  • Increased contributions and more productive participation on work teams and in meetings
  • Heightened client/coworker satisfaction with business and interpersonal interactions and relationships
  • Improved telephone and help desk skills
  • Decreased misunderstandings due to oral language/accent and cultural differences
  • Greater ability to perform the increasingly demanding communicative tasks required for competent job performance
  • Heightened self confidence and awareness
  • Enhanced company image through demonstrated commitment to employee development

To better meet the needs of new and existing clients, We now offer:

  • Distance Coaching
  • No-cost Lunch n Learn sessions for multicultural businesses and organizations
  • Appointment space in NJ and PA
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