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Have you been in this country for many years but still feel that your English language skills do not accurately reflect your talents and ideas? Are your language skills affecting your interpersonal relationships or preventing you from getting the professional visibility or results that you want? Perhaps you have had some of these experiences:


You sit through an entire meeting with a valuable contribution to make but do not participate. Why?
  • You have difficulty getting into the fast paced conversation
  • You worry that your speech or accent is not perfect, and you might be misunderstood
  • You feel that your words and phrases are not the ones Americans would use
  • You do not want to attempt interrupting and seem impolite

Business Writing

You write emails, reports, or meeting minutes:
  • You worry about your grammar, word choice, or tone
  • You write and rewrite many times
  • You do not get the responses you expect
  • You use too many words to get your point across

Formal and Informal Speaking

You give presentations, speak on the phone, or converse with colleagues or clients:
  • You are asked to repeat certain words or phrases
  • You worry about your tone, especially when making requests
  • You are concerned that you are losing your audience
  • You feel that your pronunciation or accent affects the length and quality of your communication
  • You want to say “no” or give a firm response but are afraid of sounding aggressive
  • You are unsure of how to keep a conversation going.
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Improve Your:

  • American English Pronunciation
  • Assertiveness
  • Business English Vocabulary
  • Conversation and Speaking Skills
  • Interpersonal Relationships
  • Meeting Leadership
  • Presentation Skills
  • Professional Visibility & Credibility
  • Writing Skills


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