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English That Works can customize the following training programs to meet the unique needs of individual organizations.

Oral Communication

American English Pronunciation/
Accent Reduction (21-30 hours)

Effective English pronunciation is more than just the sounds one is able to produce. Rate of speech, pauses, emphasized words, and intonation also play a major role in how well we understand a speaker. This course increases the comprehensibility, effectiveness, and self-confidence of participants as English language speakers. It also heightens their understanding of spoken American English, thus improving their verbal interactions with native speaking co-workers and supervisors.

Assertive Communication (1 day)

Representing yourself well means interacting in a way that is honest, appropriate, respectful, and direct. Learn and practice proven techniques to demonstrate assertiveness, minimize conflict, listen actively, interact successfully, and improve your personal and professional relationships.

Effective Conversation Skills:
From Beginning to End (1 day)

In today’s business world, interpersonal communication skills often mean the difference between being technically proficient at one’s job and being perceived as an effective team member and colleague. Increase your professional visibility and credibility by discovering how to take responsibility for the success of your interactions with others.

Meeting Participation and Leadership (1 day)

Meetings and teleconferences should be focused with meaningful input from all attendees and organized leadership from the chair. Gain understanding of effective meeting principles, and practice the skills crucial to participating, leading, interrupting, and making your point concisely.

Speak with Impact: Advanced American English Pronunciation (3 half days)

Whether you want to sound more articulate in meetings, take command of a teleconference, engage your audience in presentations, or provide outstanding telephone customer service, your message and expertise should be the focus rather than your accent.

This highly-practical training program is designed for individuals who have completed the American English Pronunciation course and provides targeted opportunities for participants to apply the skills they learned to communicative events that are essential for their jobs.

Speaking Solutions: Effective Business Communication for Multinational Employees
(3 full or 6 half days)

How you present yourself and your ideas and the ways in which you interact with others play a major role in how others perceive you and how effective you are at work. In order to foster productive relationships and get your ideas across, it is essential that you communicate clearly and confidently. Gain effective and assertive conversation, meeting, and oral presentation skills, enhance your ability to deliver a concise and persuasive message, and increase your professional visibility and credibility.

Successful Presentations (2 days)

Presenting in front of a group is a daunting task for many people. But, knowing how to do it can make the acquisition of an important account, the success of a crucial project, or the positive outcome of critical negotiations. Discover how to convey information in a clear, organized, and engaging manner that meets the expectations of American business audiences and senior management.

Written Communication

Essential Writing Skills
for Multinationals
(5 half days)

Our writing represents us and can play a major role in how successful we are in our business interactions. An organized, clear, grammatically correct document communicates our message; errors in grammar, style, format, and usage distract the reader and hinder our efforts to get our point across. Improve both the fluency and accuracy of business writing by applying the principles and skills for successful written communication.

Cultural Awareness

Providing Training for Individuals
from Other Cultures (1/2 day)

As trainers and HR Directors, we need to plan and deliver training that meets the needs of all our clients. When individuals who speak English as their second language are in attendance, we may need to make adjustments so that these individuals have the same opportunity to participate and be successful as other trainees. By identifying areas where miscommunication and discomfort can occur and where we can make changes to improve our training design and delivery, we can interact confidently, appropriately, responsively, and effectively across cultures.

Supervising a Diverse Workforce when English is a Second (or Third) Language (1/2 day)

The American workplace is changing. Now, more than ever, globalization, increasingly complex jobs, and the greater reliance on teams require clear and effective communication. This half day workshop focuses primarily on the verbal and non-verbal language issues that create ambiguity and misunderstandings at work. It examines how to create an environment that encourages cross-cultural understanding and improves the confidence, professional visibility, and performance of a multicultural workforce.

For Manufacturing and Service Organizations

Job Focused Communication Skills for English Language Learners
(24 hours in 1 - 2 hr. sessions)

The ability to ask for what you need, explain what you do, and understand and respond to what you hear is of utmost importance to job success. Participants who speak English as their second language (ESL) will increase their self-confidence and improve their proficiency in speaking and listening through the demonstration and practice of essential job related communication skills. We recommend customizing the curriculum to include workplace vocabulary, forms, and safety issues relevant to the organization’s job site.

"I feel more confident expressing my thoughts in group meetings"

Improve Your:

  • American English Pronunciation
  • Assertiveness
  • Business English Vocabulary
  • Conversation and Speaking Skills
  • Interpersonal Relationships
  • Meeting Leadership
  • Presentation Skills
  • Professional Visibility & Credibility
  • Writing Skills


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