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English That Works program planning always begins with ascertaining what oral, written, and cultural awareness skills individuals need to perform their jobs competently. Once those skills are identified, we begin the assessment process. By involving training participants in the planning stage, they become active partners in their learning and skill development.

Oral Communication and Pronunciation/Accent

(for both group training and one-on-one coaching)

Participants log in to our website and record a language assessment that is analyzed for key speech and pronunciation areas. This allows us to target the oral language issues that have a major impact on each individual's comprehensibility. For employees whose jobs require presentations, an assessment video can also be made. Upon analysis of the recordings, we provide recorded oral feedback and complete an assessment profile that becomes part of an action plan for each participant's training.

Additionally, an oral interview helps determine which speech events are challenging (e.g. conversations, group discussions, meetings, presentations, telephone interactions, leaving voicemail messages etc.) as well as how the individual uses non-verbal communication to convey his/her message. The interview also provides insight regarding vocabulary and self confidence issues that may be affecting an individual’s ability to communicate clearly and effectively. This information along with the recording analyses is included in a brief report that details the language development needs of each individual

Written Communication

(for both group training and one-on-one coaching)

Participants submit authentic, non-confidential samples of their written communication for assessment. From these samples and a grammar assessment if indicated, we identify the writing errors that are merely distracting as well as those that affect understanding. We also determine if the documents convey information, recommendations, and requests, clearly, concisely, and with the appropriate tone. Each participant receives a feedback form detailing writing strengths and challenges, and this information helps focus the content for the writing course or individualized coaching.

Manufacturing and Service Organizations

Assessment procedures for manufacturing and service settings that wish to improve the language skills of their employees differ from those detailed above. Contact English That Works directly for more information.

"Just becoming aware of my 'fossilized' speech patterns and mispronunciations (and of the correct way) made an enormous difference for me."

Improve Your:

  • American English Pronunciation
  • Assertiveness
  • Business English Vocabulary
  • Conversation and Speaking Skills
  • Interpersonal Relationships
  • Meeting Leadership
  • Presentation Skills
  • Professional Visibility & Credibility
  • Writing Skills


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